Free Android Emulator on PC and Mac - Download Nox App Player

Free Android Emulator on PC and Mac - Download Nox App Player
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NoxPlayer is the best free Android emulator from one of the Android emulators ever. This emulator application presents the best experience for users to play games and Android applications both on Windows and Mac OS.

This application has some very useful settings, including settings to change your screen resolution and many other settings. You can root and access blocked features on your Android using iRoot for PC in this application.

The advantages of the NoxPlayer application are: stable, efficient and strong. This ensures quick response, a bigger screen, and of course easier operation.

This application provides access to many games that you can easily control using different auxiliary utilities. You can use a mouse, keyboard or gamepad to play, giving us better control of drama. Full use of the keyboard proved to be very useful when playing action role play games.

In addition, NoxPlayer also has support for several input / output devices - apart from standard mouse and keyboard support, NoxPlayer also has compatibility for gamepads and controllers. Camera and microphone integration is a basic function. You can also map WASD keys to control your character in the game, and you can set another key to release skills or take pictures.

Fitur-fitur NoxPlayer:

Google Play store has been integrated, so no need to download or integrate it again
With just one click, you can open unlimited multiplayer windows
No need to download the APK if you already have it on your PC. Just drag and drop them to the Nox App Player and do it
Adjusting the CPU, RAM, and resolution is now possible with NoxPlayer. Bluestacks still does not provide this option.
You can easily backup Nox data on your own computer
Has a button for On / Off root mode
Take a picture in Nox and it will automatically be saved on your PC
Now record whatever video you want in this emulator
Operation tips are also added to navigate the user in the right way
Nox App Player allows you to adjust sidebar options too

Supported Operating Systems:

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit) and macOS.

Changes in NoxPlayer
  1. Optimize keyboard control, add continuous long press click mode;
  2. Optimized synchronization fuction of multi-instances, virtual locations can be synchronized now;
  3. Optimized interaction and visual design from the toolbar for easy operation;
  4. Optimize the response starting and restart time;
  5. Optimizing the Theme Center on NoxPlayer;
  6. Fixed a macro button configuration failure in keyboard control;
  7. Fix the multi-instance manager minimization problem;
  8. Fixed a jam problem caused by keyboard configurations and some graphics card models.
              Download the windows version click here
              Download the MAC version click here 

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